As we design and create machines, it is always an obvious fact that we do not often get it right at the first attempt. With an objective to take on physical load and repetitive work borne by man, we tweak and fine tune to make better machines for optimal performance. When a machine does not perform according to its full potential due to wear and tear, we carry out remedial works to get it back to action. Alternatively, an incorrect fit of task to machine may also be due cause to not meet our expectations. Whatever the cause and reason may be, we need mechanical engineers to handle these tasks.

Since machines exist in all forms and dimensions, a scholar with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering focuses on specialized areas of interest. Whether it is a piece of factory equipment, medical device or small appliance, each provides an opportunity for a mechanical engineer to dabble with. A doctorate holder in the mechanical engineering field is normally engrossed with research work as that is the mainstay of his course work. Depending on his area of focus for his dissertation, he usually pursues further in the same area post graduation. Some may choose to stay within the academic circles and become points of influence within these circles as well as to the marketplace. As they engage in teaching posts to groom future minds inclined to mechanical engineering, it is the hope and dream of every professor to see his student excel and contribute to society in general.

Successful graduates having gained their PhD in Mechanical Engineering are often sought by the industry leaders to join their organizations. Bringing on board their years of research and expertise in various fields, they can hopefully influence the industry towards more innovative methods of machine design, operation and maintenance. Many may be elevated to top management positions, thus providing a lucrative career opportunity and prominence in the market.

Whether this type of postgraduate student seeks fame, glory or money, the underlying goal in everyone who delves in Mechanical Engineering is to make better machines. As such, it is important to always remember this purpose and not exchange it for temporal delights.