Mechanical engineering is actually a field that encompasses many branches of engineering. This type of engineering can be broad in scope or very focused. Dependent upon where they work, he or she may be responsible for a wide range of activities. In other positions the engineer may spend most of his or her time working on very specific projects.

Mechanical specialists must have great communication skills. They need to be detail oriented and creative thinkers capable of finding new and inventive ways of dealing with problems.

Generally speaking, an overview of this role would include design, repair, maintain, and improve machinery and equipment. Any machine with moving parts requires the skills of a mechanical engineer. This includes everything from kids’ toys to rocket ships.

The mechanical engineering field is a growing industry and understandably so, as our society continues to become more technological. As more and more technological advancements are made these advancements require the services of increased numbers of mechanical engineers. For this reason, the outlook for this particular job role is strong, making it a field that many students choose to study.

That is not to say that you won’t face plenty of competition within the field. As it is a growing industry that requires increased numbers of engineers there are more and more students who choose to pursue it as their career path. This means that there are more and more people with whom you will be competing for work.

You should also keep in mind that there are different stages to this job role. The first is that of the full-fledged engineer. These may be independent engineers or supervisory roles in which an individual with a bachelor’s degree is responsible for either completing work on their own or heading up a team of engineering staff that completes project based work.

More entry level jobs usually fall into the technician category. These are individuals who perform work under the supervision of a more experienced or better educated mechanical engineer. It is possible to get a technician position with an associate’s degree though pursuing a bachelor’s will open up more career opportunities for you.

Other mechanical engineering positions fall into the technologist category. These individuals are responsible for assisting engineers in design, development and testing activities. They usually inspect mechanical projects and oversee the installation of various mechanical parts, components or whole machines.

With a wide range of mechanical engineer jobs available in today’s market there are certainly a variety of career paths that can be taken with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. Understanding your options and finding your preferred niche will help you better establish your long term career goals.